Heather The Painter

Heather The Painter - Everybody Paints, a Corel Painter and
Golden Gel Contouring class for Expressive Portraits

Course Fee $595.00

It’s as simple as this is Corel Painter from start to finish for the studio photographer. Demystified. In everyday terms. This methodically revealed course has a proven workflow that has consistently helped turn out successful artists for the last eight years. No painting background required! Corel Painter Master Elite, Corel Certified Painter Educator, Golden Artist Educator, PPA Master Artist, and Photographic Craftsman Heather “the Painter” will take you through the necessary steps from the time you first open this elaborate software, through the finishing touches of a studio painting. Along the way, you’ll learn how to “read” a painting and determine appropriate color and brush. She’ll show you how to efficiently and effectively approach a workflow, how to select the most applicable brush and make custom modifications, how to tame brushes (and get them to behave!), as well as how to incorporate art principles into your paintings for depth and luminous light quality. It’s not enough to just smear pixels in today’s ever changing market. Plus, we’ll talk about post production embellishment using Golden’s clear gel for precision contouring with a hands on gel exercise! Leverage your education and learn how simple steps can lead to an exquisite, highly sellable masterpiece with Heather the Painter!

This class will cover:

Corel Painter Preference and palette setup


Cloning & freehand painting - where is the balance (you choose!)

Customizing your workflow

Portrait painting

Eyes that pierce the soul

Painting realistic hair

Painting heavy fabric

Background Painting for depth and harmony

We will cover various painting styles and how to personalize your own brush marks

How to select tools for post printing enhancements

Golden acrylic gels selection and how to correctly/incorrectly use them


More About Heather


Heather Michelle Chinn , Master Artist, M. Ph. Cr, Corel Painter Master Elite, Corel Approved Painter Educator, Golden Artist Educator

Heather Michelle Chinn was born with a paintbrush. From early on she would

paint anything with any medium within reach from food to nail polish. Her earlier

masterpieces were found on ceilings and cafes in professional murals in Fredericksburg, Virginia. For several years, Heather painted whimsical watercolors for the international stationary company Mon Petite Chou.

Heather “the painter” is an experienced presenter in live and recorded demonstrations. She has been teaching Corel Painter and mixed media at multi-day workshops, live seminars and webinars, and PPA affiliate schools all across the country for the last nine years. Known for what is consistently called her “calming” manner of speaking, being graceful under pressure, concise and thorough, with easy-to-follow Corel Painter tutorials Heather is a natural educator across multiple platforms.  Her education style is methodical, and concise. Taking the Gestalt approach, she teaches what not to do to equally balance how to also correctly tackle a workflow, which has successfully and consistently turned out highly productive artists. 

Her time is devoted and divided between being a Mom to her daughter, mentoring artists, and producing educational materials. It is said that Heather’s “soul” is often very clearly seen in her work. Her elegant brushwork and transcendent color harmonies capture the ethereal essence of the subject and evokes an emotional dialogue between viewer and painting. Her belief that anyone can easily use Corel Painter to create their own keepsakes led her to a speaking platform at the beautiful Phoenix Symphony Hall for the Professional Photographers of America’s International Convention in Phoenix, Arizona in January 2014. Heather made her television debut on Lifetime Television’s “The Balancing Act” in April of 2014.

Heather is a member of the Professional Photographers of America.

Testimonials from students

“Heather is a master instructor. When I wanted to learn Painter, she made it so easy. With very few workshops near me and the expense of traveling just too much to take on, learning Painter with Heather over the internet was the ticket! Amazing that I can watch her paint from 3000 miles away, then we can turn the tables and she can help me brush stroke by brush stroke to master the techniques I so desperately wanted to learn! One-on-one learning is how I get the most out of my education and Heather was there for me all the way. Using the internet, Webex screen sharing and Heather's wonderful ability to communicate artistic techniques from afar were truly the best way for me to learn Painter. Not only did I save money by not traveling to expensive workshops, I got to learn on my schedule, I had Heather all to myself in one-on-one

instruction that was custom tailored to my learning ability and my information needs. It launched my use of Painter into the stratosphere and now I'm creating art I never dreamed I could imagine! Thank you Heather!

Julia Kelleher, M. Photog., Cr., CPP


“Heather is phenomenal. I have her teaching DVDs and have taken both her week long

and private classes. If you are ready to take your photography to the next level ,

Heather can help you do it. Her teaching style is easy going and completely

understandable. Heather is both a true talent and gifted teacher.”

 Susan Michal


"Fellow Corel Painter Master Heather is wonderful artist and teacher. I've had the

pleasure of seeing Heather painting and teaching. I can attest from first hand

experience to her great combination of both artistic and technical skills, plus energy and enthusiasm, all of which makes her a great speaker and teacher. Heather is passionate about art and people. She explores painting in the traditional as well as digital world. She communicates clearly and is patient and encouraging of her students. She knows Painter very deeply and is always open to learning and growing - qualities that enhance what she has to offer as a teacher. I highly recommend Heather as a platform speaker as well as a Painter instructor."

Jeremy Sutton


“...improving with every painting and I thank you for showing me how to ‘let go’ and be more painterly! My work has improved a million times over!” 

Beverly Walden