John Chandler

John ChandlerLights, Camera, Action – Exploring the Foundations of Digital Photography in 2020

Level of class: Beginner

Course Fee $595.00 


John Chandler was all wet when, in 1995, he began his career as a professional Underwater photographer and he stayed wet for years building a Portfolio ranging across the seven seas of the world.  In 1998 he published the first of three books whose images reflected the underwater beauty of the Indo and Western Pacific. In 2002 his career as a photographer melded with his wife’s career, who was a Portrait Artist painting in oil and pastels.  Together they established Chandler Studios shifting his photographic interests from the Ocean to the Studio.  

Since the Digital Revolution in 2000 John shifted his focus to Studio, Environmental and Wedding photography capturing the “Circle of Life” comprised of high school seniors, brides, mothers, infants, children and families.  He and Teresa were active wedding photographers and continue to be very active photographers for professional and military organizations.  

A lifelong student of Photography John has studied under Japanese Masters while living in Japan and Okinawa. He attended courses in Photography from the Los Angeles Community College.  Now his continuing education is centered on courses offered by the Professional Photographers of America (PPA) and the East Coast School of Photography. He continues to study under the mentorship of many of the industries finest Photographers.     

John is a Master Photographer, Craftsmen Photographer, and a Certified Professional Photographer.  He is an active member in both PPA and PPNC. He also uses his Studio to Mentor aspiring Professionals teaching the spectrum of photography and sharing all that he has learned with his students from across the Eastern United States.  



This four-day course is designed to emphasize the foundational skills of Photography.  The student will learn through lecture and hands-on Practical Applications the underpinnings of essential camera settings, posing, and lighting.  We will explore these skills in an indoor and outdoor environment focusing on what lighting patterns fit certain poses and what lighting modifiers will best compliment both the pose and the lighting pattern.   This is a class essential for every aspiring and experienced photographer who wants to advance their skills to the next level.